Product Details

Chilli has several names: Chilli Pepper, Chili, Chile are a few of them. Fruit of the plant from the genus Capsicum, Chili is widely used to add heat in the dishes across the world. The origin of Chilli is in Mexico – It is one the oldest cultivated crop worldwide.

Health and Other Benefits:


·       Chilli acts as a disinfectant and thus prevents bad breath.

·       Heart health is also improve by consuming chilli regularly.

·       Chilli fights flu, cold and fungal infections due to loads of antioxidants.

·       It has been shown in several studies that Chilli help in fighting Cancer and prevents allergies of several types.


Vitamins and Content:


·       Farm grown, fresh Chillies

·       Contains Vitamin C, Vitamin K1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Copper and Potassium.


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