Product Details

Onion is a widely cultivated vegetable of the species of genus Allium Onions can be served cooked, used in preparing savoury dishes, eaten raw and can be used in chutneys or pickles. India is among the largest producers of Onion in the world.

Health and Other Benefits:


·       Rich with Antioxidants : Onions are rich with over 25 varieties of antioxidants that can help in reducing the risk of heart attacks.

·       Fights Cancer: Onions are known to have several cancer fighting compounds such as quercetin and flavonoid.

·       Controls blood sugar: Onions have compounds with Antidiabetic effect on the human body.

·       Other than that, Onions improve bone density, fights harmful bacteria and boost digestion.


Vitamins and Content:


·       Farm grown, fresh Onions

·       Contains Fibre, Calcium, Vitamin and Iron.


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